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According to the New York Times article “How to Reduce Wrinkles Without Lasers or Chemicals,” 

Wounding the skin — by chemical peel, dermabrasion or laser, for example — has traditionally been the only way to jump-start collagen production and rejuvenation, and that sort of injury to the epidermis can be inflicted only very occasionally. But microneedling, sometimes called “the poor man’s laser,” has fewer limitations, said Dr. Terry James, a dermatologist, founder of Beauty Bioscience and Ms. O’Banion’s father.

The process creates tiny microwounds that trigger the body to fill them with collagen, but leave the epidermis intact, said Dr. S. Tyler Hollmig, an assistant professor of dermatologic surgery at Stanford. That gives microneedling two advantages: One, it can be repeated often, without producing the red, irritated, unsightly skin of, say, a peel. And two, it has a lower risk of causing hyperpigmentation as compared to many lasers, a real advantage for minority skin types, Dr. Hollmig said.


A study funded by Beauty Bioscience and conducted by an independent company found almost-too-good-to-be-true results: a 30 percent reduction in wrinkles among women ages 41 to 64 with just a minute of use, three times a week, for 30 days. (The tool, which has 540 0.3-millimeter needles, is rolled vertically, horizontally and diagonally across the face, as though the user is aerating a lawn.)

The added bonus is the infra red light that illuminates when the tool vibrates so you don’t need to apply pressure. It is cool and comfortable.

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