Jump start your beauty routine with this special event. You are invited to experience the new lines of natural skincare.  Mini Facials to detox and brighten will be offered.

Bring your make-up bag and clean out last year’s makeup look, replace it with the best new lines for a healthy start this new year. Natural Beauty & Wellness products are free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone and talc; also free of DEA, TEA, petrolatum, formaldehyde, lead, toluene and GMO.

Style experts will be on hand with the latest trends in fitness gear!

Call or text to confirm 917-751-7333

BEAUTY HACK ! a mix of Sunday Riley’s Ceramic Slip Clay Cleanser and their Good Genes Treatment, and can be easily be done by anyone at home to get brighter, more moisturized, and healthier skin when pressed for time or before a big event. The Ceramic Slip utilizes black pepper to help with circulation, French green clay to tighten pores, and essential oils to kill any bacteria. On the other hand, the Good Genes serum contains 40 percent pharmaceutical grade lactic acid, which creates an immediate brightening effect. By mixing the two products together, you get a very effective facial in just five minutes.

Indie Lee is dedicated to inspiring and empowering others to be mindful about what they put on their skin as well as into their body.

Get the #LaszloGlow! Erno Laszlo brought his skin care philosophy to New York City in 1927. There, he introduced his storied clients – from Greta Garbo and Jackie O. to Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe – to his signature double cleanse and cultivated the brand’s customized approach to skin care.

FRESH and exciting the new DREAM CREAM from the Lotus Collection is a lightweight whipped night cream powered by the antioxidant Super Lotus. This dreamy night treatment combines sustainable technology, with enriched with peach leaf extract to help skin recover at night. The lotus is known as a living fossil. Its seeds can remain viable for centuries, and an individual plant can be brought back to life.

Blending brilliant pigments and organic ingredients, ILIA offers a range of covetable makeup that breaks away from the conventions of natural beauty.



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