Caring for our own hair is the new norm as many can’t or don’t want to go to the hairdresser. The thought of blow drying my hair in the sun and wind sounds like double damage to my strands.

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BETTER IDEA would be to invest in revolutionary hair products that will transform my hair, repair every split end and restore color and vibrancy. No need to leave the house or even get dressed, I’ll do it in the shower…..

VIRTUE Labs uncovered a scientific breakthrough that changed hair care forever. The unique and amazing feature is that Alpha Keratin 60ku™ is that our bodies recognize it as our own, and that makes it really powerful. It’s pulled to where its needed, strand by strand, smoothing, resurfacing and filling in cracks of damage.

Recovery Conditioner
Recovery Line won the Bazaar beauty award.
Recovery Shampoo
An Allure beauty award winner.

Full Conditioner

With the FULL line turn up the volume on fine, flat hair for maximum movement and bounce. SMOOTH line can turn frizz-prone hair into beautiful hair on its best behavior.



Color Revival Kit


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