Stressed out skin😭

Front page of the New York Times breaking news

“Your brain and your skin are bound for life. When one senses embarrassment, the other blushes. When one senses pain, the other processes it. And when one bears the burden of a pandemic, political unrest, systemic racism and the ever worsening effects of climate change … well, the other gets a pimple.” New York Times 10/24/21

That explains so much😅 but, what to do about it?

I am recommending three easy steps.

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When used after cleansing, it gently exfoliates with a blend of alpha-hydroxy acids, Willow Bark Extract and Gluconolactone to leave the skin smooth, clear and glowing.

Second step you want Augustines Bader all over your clean skin. Day and night neck, face and eye. Dr Bader.

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Hair care!!!