Holiday hair care must haves❣️

The beautiful Nikki Taylor.

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These are my top recommendations for sleek shiny healthy hair. The Dyson is unsurpassed as a hair dryer lightweight flexible and quick! Mist on the leave-in conditioner and comb through with the detangling brush. Dry the hair halfway at the roots and apply the Oribe blowout cream. Continue drying and then pass the flat iron through your hair. It can be used to create curl or straighten. Best of all everything is clean beauty and smells fantastic💐

With many of us still masking up for the holiday gatherings our hair needs to look fabulous!

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The hairbrush gently de tangles hair without breaking and the hair dryer and flat iron use heat protectant technologies prevent burning your hair.

Stressed out skin😭

Front page of the New York Times breaking news

“Your brain and your skin are bound for life. When one senses embarrassment, the other blushes. When one senses pain, the other processes it. And when one bears the burden of a pandemic, political unrest, systemic racism and the ever worsening effects of climate change … well, the other gets a pimple.” New York Times 10/24/21

That explains so much😅 but, what to do about it?

I am recommending three easy steps.

First you want to get all the dead skin off your face. Chantecalle’s purifying toning treatment with innovative botanicals intelligently balances oil, minimizes the appearance of pores and gently mattifies, while improving overall clarity.

When used after cleansing, it gently exfoliates with a blend of alpha-hydroxy acids, Willow Bark Extract and Gluconolactone to leave the skin smooth, clear and glowing.

Second step you want Augustines Bader all over your clean skin. Day and night neck, face and eye. Dr Bader.

In just 44 months, Augustinus Bader has won an unprecedented 64 industry-coveted awards. Augustinus Bader, world-leading stem cell specialist, is backed by the highest caliber of applied science in the industry. The results are unbelievable. An added bonus is the hair care line 😅👹the scalp gets stressed as well, with the shopping link above view the new hair care products😍

And number three; beauty sleep❣️ With this American made company 41 Winks😍

Light absorbing and filled with plush, high grade polyester, our sleep masks have extra thickness for maximum light absorbency and coziness.The Cozy EffectSleep masks for a deep slumber. Each is made with high quality fabrics, from smooth cotton to luxurious velvet and deliciously soft eco-friendly lyocell.Thoughtfully MadeDreamed up and individually sewn in the USA👏🏼👍🏻❣️

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This luxuriously rich cream deeply soothes, moisturizes and heals away dryness. Skin looks naturally vibrant, restored to its healthiest center. Miracle Broth™ – the legendary healing elixir that flows through all of La Mer – infuses skin with sea-sourced renewing energies. 💞Ideal for drier skin.
With its power to renew skin’s barrier, The Moisturizing Soft Cream strengthens and protects while reducing the look of fine, dry lines. Miracle Broth™ – the legendary healing elixir that flows through all of La Mer – infuses skin with sea-sourced renewing energies. 💞Ideal for combination / drier skin.

2oz normally $350 & the .05 which is included for free! normally $95❣️

Anti-oxidants- an alternative to cosmetic treatments❣️🍒🍊

June 15 masks come off, we all want to look good, ideally emerging with glowing skin and a smile on our faces. It always surprises me that beauties are willing to spend so much on Botox and filler’s yet pay little attention to the basics, like their every day skin care, for maintenance. Regardless of whether or not you’ve had a successful cosmetic procedure your skin still won’t look good if the surface isn’t radiant.

This can be achieved by upgrading your skincare routine with antioxidants that will help protect against free-radical damage by neutralizing the oxidative stress that can cause cell damage, discoloration and decay. Dead damaged skin, lackluster and causing foundation to cake🍰. FACT: every minute of each day we lose about 30,000 to 40,000 Dead skin cells off the surface of our skin.

A great place to start is with the launch of Cle de peau beauté cleansers, stocked with antioxidants. They help build the skins resistance and fight environmental stressors before they reach your skin. A

Check out the newest and best in antioxidant skin care below, And save yourself a painful trip to the dermatologist.⬇️

Transform your skin at home in 3 minutes❣️

Dr. Dennis Gross’s FDA-cleared SpectraLite™ FaceWare Pro mask is a LED mask offering professional light therapy at the comfort of your home. A combination of 100 light emitting diodes in red mode + 62 LED lights in blue mode work together to smooth wrinkles, diminish discoloration, and clear acne for a beautiful, youthful complexion.

Red light emitting diode penetrate deep within skin’s dermis to boost collagen production. Blue light emitting diode destroy P. acnes bacteria to reduce redness, inflammation, skin irritation. Fine lines and textured skin becomes smooth and pore-less.

Firmer skin, finer texture and a beautiful glow!

I am a Nordstrom Beauty Stylist, and these are my top skin care performers for 2021.













To begin with I can’t say enough about the Dennis Gross LED FaceWare Pro, the combination of red and blue lights fights inflammation wrinkles and bacteria the perfect cure!

The Barbara Sturm anti-aging serum contains purslane, the fountain of youth😍 The rose oil infused serum from Fresh is absolutely divine smelling like a fresh garden of roses and it’s gloriously hydrating. The La Mer concentrate improves your skin’s barrier function, we all need more protection. 😷❣️

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