Is Organic Beauty Worth It?

Today, looking after your skin is as much about what you don’t put on it – toxic ingredients and harmful chemicals – as what you do. Margo Marrone, the owner of the Organic Pharmacy, stresses that you should always read the label when selecting a product because “it should tell you the percentage of organic ingredients within it”. The Organic Pharmacy, for example, ensures that its products have between 70 to 95 per cent organic ingredients and works to make them sustainable, renewable and environmentally friendly.

Check out the top performers!

These beauty drops are designed to be taken internally or added to your favorite cream, serum or mask for an instant energy boost for radiant, energized skin. They contain ginseng, gotu kola and bilberry.

Rose Plus Age Renewal. A high-tech anti-aging face cream. It’s infused with an arsenal of herbs, cosmeceuticals and botanicals, which work together to help lift, tone, reduce wrinkles and even out skin tone.

Peeling mask with an enzymatic and peeling action to reveal nourished, soft, radiant and renewed skin.

What it does: It gently removes dead skin cells, reduces blackheads and fine lines, diminishes age spots and leaves skin renewed to its natural perfection.

One thought on “Is Organic Beauty Worth It?

  1. UPDATED TIMES AND DATES!❤️Feb 18 ‼️Nordstrom SCP 917-751-7333
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    ORGANIC PHARMACY’s 🌹Rose Crystal Lymphatic facial is the perfect way to 💕love your skin. Treat yourself, it’s a great time to replenish your skincare !

    Veronica. L
    Specialist with Organic Pharmacy

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