The Best tools for an instant lift

Micro-Needling: The Beauty Bio is micro-needling tool which is minimally invasive and stimulates collagen production. A mechanical pen—its head filled with tiny needle as it vibrates, it delivers microinjections, penetrating the skin many times over the course of a few seconds. The needles mimic skin injury, allowing the skin to heal producing a newly rejuvenated complexion. Easy to use and the effects are immediate😍

BeautyBio GloPro Microneedling Regeneration Tool
Glo Pro for face.

The NuFACE delivers microcurrents of electricity to stimulate muscles or collagen production. When the underlying facial musculature is tightened, the skin appears smoother. This tool is particularly effective on the jaw line, resulting an over all instant lift and the results are cumulative. When used on the body cellulite dissolves and the butt is firmer. The new peptide line increases the efficacy. Firming body oils can accelerate the process.

The body tool has a stronger current for faster results👏🏼‼️

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